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JSC PO STRONG company is a inner reactor device manufacturer for oil refining and petrochemical industry. Our devices design fit the requirements of licensors and project developers in and outside Russia. Our product’s  performance is confirmed by technological, hydraulic and strength calculations. If necessary, we run check assembly and leak tests on special test stands imitating rector dimensions and flow’s hydraulic parameters. Internal parts of reactors can be produced of various alloys: stainless steel (304, 321, 316), carbon steel, super duplex, monel, inconel and other alloys.

Feed diffusers
Distributies the incoming flow from inlet nozzle
Distribution trays
Distributes the incoming flow over the entire reactor vessel section
Quench injection systems and mixing chambers
Provide cooling between beds
Support grids
Retent catalyst in the reactor vessel
Outlet collectors
Collects the product in the direction of medium outlet
Center pipes
A central slotted screen in radial flow reactors
An outer screen of radial flow reactors
Outer baskets
A slit screen in radial flow reactors
Collectors and distributors
Optimal collection and distribution of gas or liquid