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Irrespective of whether the project is – an absolutely new technological process, modernization or just a productivity check of the existing device – we understand that a reliable technological design at the initial stage has to provide the correct choice of the most optimal equipment for your facility. The JSC PO STRONG company can design, manufacture and install the internal devices of columns which are ideally suited exactly for your conditions.

Valve trays with floating valve
A wide adjustment range
Valve trays with fixed valve
Wide operating range
Sieve trays
The most common tray type
Bubble trays
Well-proven solution
Cassette trays
For columns of small diameter
Random packings
Increase productivity and separation efficiency
Regular (structured) packings
Reduce pressure drop and energy consumption
Random packing supports
Physically supports packing material
Pressure gratings (bed limiters)
Prevents movement of the packed bed
Steam and fluid distributors, fluid collectors
...and other column devices

We use modern software

There are worldwide used and recognized complex programs for modeling technological processes to ensure an accurate balance of mass and energy in chemical processes.

Oil refineries, petrochemical companies, chemical companies all over the world trust the professionalism of JSC PO STRONG in providing mass exchange solutions that meet the safety requirements, timing and budget limits.

We specialize in modeling processes, designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing equipment.

Our customers highly appreciate our technical skills and the experience of installation at customers facilities. They appreciate our business qualities, flexibility and willingness to take on the problems solution too.

Designing of hydraulic and mechanical equipment is carried out with the help of the most modern software, which allows to predict accurately  hydraulic productivity and mechanical strength of equipment for any technological process.