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A stationary valve tray is an inexpensive stationary device in shape resembling a valve. Fixed valves are squeezed out directly on the flat surface of the tray. The absence of moving parts reduces wear and sticking, however it also reduces the adjustment range compared to other valve trays. Still, a fixed valve tray may have a wider adjustment range and greater capacity than a sieve tray.

Fixed valves

Fixed valves by JSC STRONG usually have a round shape, but upon request there may be other shapes, for example, rectangular. The height of the vertical guards of the valve can also be changed optionally. Our plates with fixed valves provide less liquid drift (compared to sieve trays).

Fixed mini valves are an inexpensive solution providing a wider operating range than sieve trays. This is an intermediate option between the sieve and the float valves. They have 10-15% higher productivity than sieve trays, and slightly higher efficiency and flexibility compared to sieve trays.