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We produce internal parts for all separator types used in various technological processes:

  1. Gas/liquid separator – a device for separating liquid drops from the gas flow. A separator of condenced liquid dpops from the natural gas flow can be used as an example.
  2. Liquid/liquid separator – a device for separating immiscible liquids. For example, water-oil mixture on oil preparation station or oil drops separator for sewage treatment.
  3. Three-phase separator – a device for separating gas and two immiscible liquids. For example, a separator for removing water and gas from oil flow on oil preparation station.
Wire Mesh Demister
Separates droplets from gas stream
Vane Type Demister
Removes liquid droplets by inertia and collision
Axial flow centrifugal separation element
For gas/liquid separators
Plate Pack Coalescer
Separates different liquids
Wire mesh coalescing nozzle
For liquid/liquid separators
Nozzle devices of gas/liquid and three-phase separators
Gas/liquid mixture entry nozzle