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Axial flow centrifugal separation element

(for gas/liquid separators)

Centrifugal gas separators are usually high-performance (in terms of gas flow) devices. Their main advantage is a high speed of gas flow both in separator and in centrifugal elements. In such conditions coalescing section of separator is usually less effective and main part of separation happens within centrifugal elements. Winding the flow intencifies coalescion greatly due to the centrifugal forces that move droplets asides.

Selection criteria

  • a moderate range of flow volume change  (max/min > 3);
  • separation effciency > 99 %;
  • acceptable for slightly contaminated conditions;
  • high capacity for liquid;
  • pressure drop > 50 kPa;
  • drop diameter 3…10 μm.

Recommended applications:

  • gas/liquid separation with high liquid containment;
  • high gas flow capacity (max reduced gas speed up to 0.25 m/s).

Not recommended applications:

  • highly contaminated working environment (parafines, tars, sand, hydrates);
  • dence fluids.
Установка ПЦСЭ в корпусе аппарата

Axial flow centrifugal separation element

When operation at widely variable gas flow is required, a combination of wire mesh demister and axial flow centrifugal separator pack is recommended. When you add a centrifugal separator underneath the vertical mesh demister you can get a higher gas throughput. In such a combination a single wire mesh device acts like two: at normal flow rate it works as a coalescer increasing the droplet size and centrifugal device’s effectiveness. At low flow rate it starts working as a separator instead of centrifugal device.

1 – nozzle for gas/liquid mix; 2 – wire mesh coalescer; 3 – axial flow centrifugal separation elements plate.