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Wire Mesh Demister

(for liquid/gas and three-phase separators)

Wire mesh demister is designed for coalescing of small drops into larger ones and removing them from the flow. These  demisters contain a layer of wire mesh laid between two rigid support grids. Liquid droplets gather on the wire when gas streams pass through this layer. The accumulated liquid flows down under the influence of gravity.

Selection criteria

  • a wide range of flow volume change  (max/min > 4);
  • separation effciency > 98 %;
  • sensitive to contamination;
  • low pressure drop;
  • drop diameter 3…10 μm.

Recommended applications:

  • separation of liquid with moderate liquid amount in a flow;
  • can be used both in vertical and horizontal devices.

Not recommended applications:

  • highly contaminatedworking environment (parafines, tars, sand, hydrates);
  • dence fluids.
Сетчатый каплеотбойник (Тип А)

Wire mesh demister (type A), whole block. Ø 200…1100 mm.

Сетчатый каплеотбойник (Тип Б)

Wire mesh demister (type B) – sectional. Section size is selected to put them through the standard manhole (Ø 500 or 600 mm) during assembly.

Wire packing parameters











Similar devices by other suppliers
1 280 144 0.28 98.2 150÷250 SP085 (SEPCO),  York-431 (Koch-Glitch)
2 355 192 0.28 97.5 150÷250 SP115 (SEPCO),  York-421 (Koch-Glitch)
3 630 192 0.14 97.5 150÷250 SP200 (SEPCO)

Ssp – Specific surface of mesh, m2/m3;

rR – Referred packing dencity, kg/m3;

d – Wire diameter, mm;

e0 – Free packing area, %;

H – Packing mat thickness, mm.