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Wire mesh coalescing nozzle

(for liquid/liquid separators)

Emulsion of two immiscible liquids separation with small droplets, wich form globules slowly or don’t do it at all, are a serious problem. The solution is to increase the droplet diameter so liquids saparate faster under the influence of gravitational or inertial forces so the divice’s size decreases.

Wire mesh coalescing nozzle coalesces small drops to bigger ones. It is a packing of flat and 3d meshes; metal and polymere meshes are used.

Selection criteria

  • separation efficiency > 98 %;
  • maximum droplet diameter 5…30 μm;
  • sensitive to contamination: pre-filtration required (exclusion is usage in totally clean conditions).

Recommended applications

Great for separating pure hydrocarbon and water mixtures, for example, for hydrocarbon dehydration (starting from liquid gas and to gasoil fractions).

Not recommended applications

Contaminated liquid without pre-filtering.

Сетчатая коалесцирующая насадка

Wire mesh coalescing nozzle for liquid/liquid systems.

For increased efficiency several layers of mesh are used, mesh layer tihickness is usually between 300…600 mm.