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For more than a century random packings have been successfully used in rectification, absorption, desorption, heat exchange and wash columns as an inexpensive solution for increasing productivity and separation efficiency. Random packings are recommended if the pressure drop and the holding time do not have a significant effect on the column operation, as, for example, in gas scrubbing columns.

Our random packing will meet your budget and operational requirements. Random packing is an inexpensive solution for increasing the productive capacity and column productivity. Constant availability of random packings in JSC PO STRONG is our key advantage in case of unscheduled downtime. We also produce a wide range of industry standard packings with a history of documented successful applications. Among our random packings are the Pall rings (thermoplastics, metals), Raschig rings (ceramics, metals) and saddle rings (ceramics, thermoplastics).


Pictures: Pall rings, mini rings, saddle rings, Raschig rings.