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The floating valve tray is a flat perforated tray with a floating disk (valve) mounted on each hole. At low vaporization rates, the disc can periodically drop into the hole and close it, thereby preventing fluid leakage. If the vaporization rate increases, the disk rises. The maximum valve opening depends on the valve legs height or on the fence construction.

Modern valve trays designs are based on standard float valves. They offer a wide adjustment range (5:1) and the choice of different valve thicknesses to meet the most of the requirements.

Floating valves

The floating valves may be round or rectangular and can have a different height of the valve legs in accordance with the pressure and gas flow rate. Unlike the traditional ones, our float valves have unique features that provide increased structural reliability to reduce valve losses, built-in anti-spin mechanism, and possibility of easy replacement without dismantling and fixing the direction to provide maximum adjustment range.