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This device distributes the incoming flow over the entire reactor vessel section and packing layer. The main elements of the trays are distribution pipes, which, depending on the design conditions, have various impact plates, perforations, stiffeners. The design and number of distribution pipes are adjusted in a way as to ensure stable operation over the entire range of working flow rates and to exclude unevenness over the reactor cross section. Depending on project requirements, the fine distribution trays may have an additional protection level or an additional coarse distribution tray.

Necessary design parameters

  • Working and design pressure and temperature
  • Flow parameters
  • Physical characteristics of the working environment
  • Pressure drop
  • Geometric dimensions of the reactor and the top hatch

Design features

  • dismountable design provides ease of installation through the reactor hatch
  • support beams provide rigidity and strength at specified design parameters
  • ceramic fiber gaskets for tightness
  • quick-release fasteners are available
  • possibility of installation into an existing reactor without changing the design of other internal devices
  • control pre-assembly in the the reactor vessel imitation with the flatness tolerances & dimensional deviations measurement is available
  • hydraulic leak test with flow rate control is available


  • Hydrotreating
  • Hydrocracking
  • Isomerization


Pictures: 1,4 – trays; 2 – sealing test; 3 – pre-assembly.