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Сollector/distributor is equipped with a central receiver pipe with outlets that provide an optimal collection and distribution of gas or liquid, prevent the formation of stagnant zones and ducts, generally increase productivity.

Each project is studied in detail, starting with the reactor and fittings design in order to find an perfect location between collector and outlets concerning shape of the reactor bottom.

Each outlet can be mounted on a perforated pipe to optimize mechanical strength and collection/distribution efficiency.

Outlet has a dismountable design that allows dismantling the slotted screen only during the maintenance (great for errosive/corrosive environments).

Product is designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Design parameters

  • Fluid flow rate, reactor design, operating pressure and temperature are the necessary parameters to determine the collection/distribution efficiency.
  • Catalyst weight, pressure drop are additional design parameters.


  • JSC PO STRONG develops, manufactures and provides technical support for a large number of collection and distribution systems operating in the harshest conditions.
  • Device designs, types of slit screens and reinforcing elements are engineered according to mechanical requirements, mobility of the layer and pressure drop.
  • Maximum efficiency of the collection and distribution process is achieved by choosing the most preferred hydrodynamic model that excludes the formation of stagnant zones and ducts.


  • Hydrocarbon processes (PTA, MEROX, MTBE)
  • Industrial water cleaning with ion-exchange, coal and sand filters
  • Food industry decolourization, icing
  • Chromatographic columns
  • Ore cleaning (uranium, etc.)


Pictures: distributor; quench distributor.