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In reactors with multiple catalyst beds, technological process includes a cooling phase between beds. This can be achieved by injection of the cooling medium (quench), which is then collected and mixed before being redistributed to the next bed.

Mixing system includes horizontal collection tray (a mixing chamber) which is located below the collection tray and has at least one passage from the tray to the mixing chamber.

For better mixing, the cooling liquid must be added into the zone above the collection tray. Direction of liquid injection is determined in a way to create a vortex flow on the collection tray.

Necessary design parameters

  • Working and design pressure and temperature
  • Flow parameters
  • Physical characteristics of the working environment
  • Pressure drop
  • Geometric dimensions of the reactor and the top hatch

Design features

  • dismountable design provides ease of installation through the reactor hatch
  • support beams provide rigidity and strength at specified design parameters
  • ceramic fiber gaskets for tightness
  • control pre-assembly in the the reactor vessel imitation with the flatness tolerances & dimensional deviations measurement is available
  • hydraulic leak test with flow rate control is available


  • Hydrotreating
  • Hydrocracking


Pictures: 1,4 – collecting tray and mixing chamber; 2 – quench distributor; 3 – quench distributor ring.