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Water intake filters are used to purify large volumes of water pumped from lakes, rivers and seas, for further supply to power plants, water desalination plants, drinking and industrial water plants.

Enviroment protection

Due to the low intake rate, aquatic organisms can quickly react and move away from the surface of the filter.

Used materials

Depending on the application, the water intake filters are made of various alloys: stainless steel 304, 304L, 321, 316, 316 Ti, 410, 410 S, Monel alloy, Hastelloy alloy, duplex.


Using the latest software, we design water intake filters with the following advantages:

  • optimal quality (pre-treatment of water)
  • low production costs
  • low operating costs
  • doesn’t interfere with biological activity (seaweed, plankton, etc.)
  • easy to clean
  • no harm to the environment
  • constant consumption (no decrease over time)
  • easily adaptation to the direction of the water flow

JSC PO STRONG offers a complete set of equipment, including a backwash system consisting of a compressor, a receiver, mechanical or automatic air valves and a control panel.