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Support grids are heavy slit devices that retain the reactive medium.

We produce support grids according to international quality standards. They are capable of withstanding high loads, pressures and temperatures.


  • non-clogging surface
  • steady design
  • uniform separation
  • large cross-sectional area


Operating temperatures and pressures are taken into account in the design of each component. If necessary, the lattice design can be supplemented with support beams.


The support grid can be assembled from parallel or sector segments; each element lies on the beams, is bolted or is welded to an adjacent segment.


Necessary technical and economic calculations are carried out during the design of reinforcing, supporting elements and beams.


Support grids can be installed in the apparatus with bolts.


Support grids are mainly used for:

  • catalytic processes
  • support of molecular filter plates
  • ion exchangers
  • separation of isomers
  • sand filters
  • malting-floors
  • reactors with a false bottom


Pictures: 1-7 – support grids; 8 – grid sealing with a cord; 9 – parallel segment grid.