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The collector/distributor is equipped with a receiver pipe with offsets that provide the optimal collection and distribution of gas or liquid. These devices have a variety of designs based on a central manifold and distribution taps. Depending on the requirements of the project and reactor’s geometry, perforated pipes, triangular wire slit cylinders, mesh screens, distribution nozzles, etc. are used. The devices are dismountable for ease of installation through the hatch. Different parts are connected to each other using fasteners. Gaskets are made of ceramic fiber or thermally expanded graphite.


  • Working and design pressure and temperature
  • Flow parameters
  • Physical characteristics of the working environment
  • Pressure drop
  • Packing parameters
  • Dimensions of the reactor and top hatch


Pictures: 1, 4, 5 – collectors/distributors; 3 – parallel, star and star with a draining zone collector/distributor types; 4 – collector part with slit screen without perforated pipe / with perforated pipe / dismountable type.