Wire Mesh Demister


The most common entrainment separator used in the industry is the wire mesh demister. These cell-type demisters contain layer of wire mesh laid between two rigid grids serving as a support. Liquid droplets collect on the wire when passing gas streams through this layer. The accumulated liquid flows down under the influence of gravity from cell-type demisters.

Our highly effective wire mesh systems can be applied in dirty, superefficient coagulators of fine mist and with corrosive materials. The necessary area of this system is determined by our hydraulic calculations which based on your technical requirements, after which the most suitable device configuration corresponding to separator sizes for providing maximal efficiency are designed. They can be round, rectangular, cylindrical, V – shaped and etc.

These demisters able to remove 100 % of liquid droplets with a diameter greater than 3-10 μm. All meshes are offered with upper and lower grids and fasteners.

The thickness of device offered for the most commonly used applications, usually is 100 mm, and it can be reached 150 mm if it is necessary for higher efficiency or for the systems where substances with more polluting capacity are used.

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