Vane Type Demister


Vane type demisters are design of a tray with special peaked profile. These entrainment separators remove liquid droplets from gas streams after inertial collision of droplets with deflector baffle. In this case, the gas follows zigzag path between these baffles.

Vane type demister provides higher performance of gas load processing. In addition, if the plates are installed in horizontal gas stream rather than vertical gas stream, they can work with higher gas streams. They are less effective in removing of very small droplets then wire mesh demister. The standard design is intended for droplets removing with a diameter more than 30 μm.

Design capabilities:

  • Lack of bleed valves
  • Open drainers (separate pocket)
  • Closed drainers (double pocket)
  • It is possible to change resistance to pollution within certain limits



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